When it comes to today’s insurance plans, small business owners and employees are often asked to “do it all” and many of them need help navigating through the maze of options. Our firm can help you to sort through the different types of plans available, clarify complex rules and regulations, and offer expertise in a proactive manner—while helping you to find plans and solutions that fit best. We know the choices can be overwhelming.

CABA Benefits, LLC, is a full service insurance consulting firm dedicated to all size groups and individuals in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and North Carolina. Our service can assist you with:

● Research and Implementation of Products

All ongoing service including:

    ● Claims

    ● Billing

    ● Enrollments

    ● Deletions and changes

● Employee meetings

Annual recertification process by the carrier

Annual renewal

Rules and Regulations (Government, State and Carrier)

CABA Benefits offers you knowledgeable personalized and excellent service throughout the year, whenever you need it. You and all your employees are provided with are provided with patient, friendly, professional and timely assistance. We believe strongly in maintaining client relationships and trust.

If you are shopping for health, dental, disability or life insurance benefits, the each product has the same rate whether you go directly to a carrier or through a broker. We work for you not the carrier. Your needs are matched up to the best solution and service available.     

Prior to your renewal, we sit down to review how the services have worked for you, discuss any changes you would like to make and review the availability of additional products and services. It’s important to note that new medical plans are constantly being developed which can lower your premium and your needs may change from year to year.     

We are proud that most of our business is from referrals from our loyal clients.     

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